Today we want to share with you another of the peculiarities that make Jávea such a special place. Being an idyllic place, since it has beach and mountains, Jávea offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for the most daring.

The company Xàbia Activa is one of the companies that offer tourism based on physical-sporting activities in the natural environment, respect for nature and traditions, complementing everything with a cultural nuance that reveals to visitors the historical and scenic value of the Marina Alta.

What activities do they do?

Descent by ravine
Sport that is practiced in the natural environment, descending ravines, rivers, gorgas with or without water that demands the progression and overcoming of obstacles with specific materials and techniques.

Sports activity that seeks to bring people closer to the natural, ethnological, architectural and cultural heritage of the walking area.

Water sport practiced on a light boat propelled by a shovel that allows to discover inaccessible landscapes and coves.

If you do not like risk sports we also have a plan for you. Elite Paintball in Jávea has some of the best Paintball facilities in the Valencian Community.

They have different scenarios, depending on which theme is more consistent with you can choose between:

  • Call of Duty Ships
  • Call of Duty Homes
  • Black Ops
  • Nightime paintball
  • To finish if you like riddles, suspense and puzzles … you have to come to Jávea. Project X Escape Room is responsible for making games in which you are locked in a theme room and you have to solve the puzzles and clues to escape and beat the clock. They currently offer two thematic rooms:

  • Bunker in the Village → An experience in a nuclear bunker where you will have to stop the bomb and escape.
  • Murder on the Montgó → You will arrive at the scene of a murder victim and you will have to discover the secrets of the room before the murder returns
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