In this article, we are going to talk about internal content. We would like to tell you some things about us; the Hotel Sól de Jávea. Why? Very easy; we want you to know us better and to discover the possibilities offered by our service and the strategic location in which it is located.


We are going to make you dream….


our hotel. Hotel Sol de Jávea is perfect for those who want to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea of Jávea, since we are located very close to it and you can also see Montgomery Mountain from here.

Another aspect that all (or almost all) take into account when planning a Holiday, is food, as it is not only a basic need, but one of the greatest enjoyments of the human being. In this gastronomic aspect, in our hotel you have the opportunity to pamper yourself with the best Mediterranean dishes, such as fish, meat, pasta and much more. We offer you a getaway with the authentic Mediterranean flavor.

For relaxation, we have a rooftop bar where you can enjoy non-stop drinks and taste delicious sandwiches.

Sol de Jávea is a hotel that offers many possibilities when planning interesting getaways. Jávea is a place f with magic and natural paradises. And we are at a strategic point with respect to these little corners.

The rooms of our hotel give you the possibility to sleep individually or as a couple, and after having rested, you can continue replenishing batteries with the great breakfasts that we organize. And for those who bring with them a lot of accumulated fatigue, they can enjoy a relaxing massage to relieve stress in our hotel.

One of our strengths is cleanliness and attention to detail. Also our concern is to make the client at home and conver all of theis needs. Our maxim is to treat with affection all those people who decide to visit Jávea choosing us as the home from where they taste the experience.


And what about Jávea?


One of the getaways you could organize for your stay at our hotel is La Cova Tallada, which is perfect for diving, and also for those who want to take some time to reflection and connection with nature.

If you are fond of plants, the Montgó Natural Park is perfect for you. You can also find hidden trails with stunning views, the landscape is complemented by the top of the mountain La Creueta, whose climbing is a challenge for those who are very intrepid.

Another wonderful place is the Cap de la Nau, which offers breathtaking views. There is a good restaurant in the area, where you can be surprised with culinary wonders. If you want to stay with the memory of this place, there is a parking lot nearby for cars, where you can make beautiful photographs.

Jávea does not lose its attraction and splendor regardless of the cold season, although from a totally different point of view, you will be attracted by the magic and the charm of this place. The light, the movement, the color, the sun, the sand … in general, they are metaphors that capture the sensations experienced in the great Jávea.

Jávea, is a place where you can discover the beautiful love story and, at the same time, the source of inspiration of the famous painter Joaquín Sorolla, but also the place where the painter said goodbye to this world.


In conclusion and following the comments that Sorolla himself has left, we can strongly recommend this corner of Spain, and our hotel Sol de Jávea as a refuge for enjoyment.

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966 46 19 19

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